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Microsoft Dynamics AX system

Microsoft Dynamics AX system

Due to the growing popularity and interest of our clients in comprehensive services in the field of ERP systems, particularly Microsoft Dynamics AX, ONT Solutions company decided to make an effort to meet new needs. For this purpose, we have expanded our team with new professionals and established cooperation with the Rzeszow University of Technology, which allows us to offer a wide range of highly advanced Business Intelligence solutions.

The environments which we have built so far consisted of:

  • 4 physical enterprise-class servers,
  • 30 virtual servers which make up the MS Dynamics AX complete environment.

The environment has been constructed in a way that ensures full redundancy by:

  • Creation of a cluster at the physical server level,
  • Creation of clusters for the database and application layer.

The problems which forced us to solve them systematically, enriched us with a number of new experiences so that we are able to quickly and effectively provide support to our clients in the areas of:

  • Installation and configuration of MS Dynamics AX complete environments,
  • Updates of selected components of MS Dynamics AX, including:
  • Operating systems
  • Database systems,
  • MS SharePoint infrastructure,
  • Migration to the latest versions of the system (2012R2 and 2012R3),
  • Optimization and scaling of the selected components,
  • Expansion of the system with new functionalities required by the user,
  • Support for ongoing maintenance,
  • Support for training.