Security Audits

Having built its brand excelling in the provision of IT services, ONTSolutions company attaches great importance to issues related to IT security. Years of experience enabled us to fully understand how wide the concept is and how many factors it involves. We offer audit services also in this area and thus  we will be able to determine the dangers related among others to:

  • data loss
  • loss of data confidentiality
  • unauthorized access
  • privilege escalation
  • human factor
  • susceptibility to social engineering

We provide the services in this area to many demanding clients, both institutional and commercial, working according to very strict security standards. On the basis of the work done we prepare extensive documentation which in addition to the description of the found shortcomings includes the recommendations related to the removal or weakening of the effect on the security of the system. Our activities are executed based on one of the leading methodologies as regards the conduct of such audits, or depending on the client’s request we prepare a solution tailored specifically to their needs and requirements.